Wine tastings are fun-filled, held in London and across the UK

Wine Tasting

So much fun you’ll forget to spit!

Looking for a wine tasting event that’s full of laughter, interest and creativity?

We don’t just bring delicious wines and champagne, ‘Sniff and Spit’ brings the party to life with the latest drink trends and interactive tasting experiences tailor made for corporate entertainment. Our tastings blend education with ‘a large dollop’ of fun. Choose from wine team-building activities, wine and food pairing, tastings over lunch, dinner or a BBQ, cheese and wine, luxurious client parties and themed pop ups. Host your bespoke wine event at your London offices or we can recommend a fabulous London wine tasting venue so your event will be the talk of the town. Or tell us your wine party ideas, define the agenda, and let us bring the wine party to you.

Let’s raise our glasses to that!

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