Published on February 7th, 2013

Perk up your love life with Gosset Grand Rose

The wine tasted this episode and where you can buy –

Gosset Grand Rosé is available from Berry Brothers & Rudd, £60 per bottle 

Also available from Fortnum & Mason.

Hi my name’s Rebecca Dunphy with the perfect wine to spice up your love life. Call me fussy, but it would be positively unromantic if ‘he’ turned up with some cheap pink fizz. I want quality Champagne and believe me the best wine to perk up your love life is romance fuelled Gosset Grand Rosé.

You won’t find it in the supermarkets because their production is too small – just over a million bottles a year to Möet et Chandon’s 30 million a year. It’s one of the oldest Champagne houses and it’s been perfecting its art since 1584.

This is a wine with great pulling-power – just look at the curvy bottle, the colour a rose petal pink, the fizz like ribbons rising in the glass. The aromas are fresh and sweet like wild strawberries, warm brioche and peaches. She’ll be swooning before she’s even tasted it.

Then drink, ‘together’ of course – its rich mellow, lively, strawberries and cherries crushed and perfumed, the bubbles velvety, fresh….just divine.
Pair this wine with breakfast in bed – whether it’s bacon and eggs or an omlette d’amour this wine will give her something worth staying in bed for.

It’s fantastic with the luxuriousness of smoked salmon or trout. Better still treat her to a romantic supper of freshly caught fish. And for carnivorous lovers, lamb with a tinge of pink is sublime with this very special Champagne.


Enjoy your wine in the bedroom!

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3 Responses to Perk up your love life with Gosset Grand Rose

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  2. Caroline Robertson says:

    Oh Rebecca – you’ve done it again! Spot on. I don’t ususally go much for rose champagne (don’t ask me why, I just don’t find it all that special) but this peach of a wine from Gosset is never a disappointment. A bit harder to get hold of, as you say, but if he thinks you’re worth it, he should make that extra bit of effort!

    Here in East Sussex, I’ve tracked it down to Harvey’s of Lewes, but I think there’s also a wine cellar somewhere close to Littlehampton that sells it. In any case, in this global village, someone on the net should be able to provide.

    Certainly brightens up a dull, damp, February day!

    • admin says:

      Wonder what we will all get this Valentine’s Day? Perhaps this was too big a hint, suspect I’ll get a bunch of flowers instead!

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