Published on December 5th, 2012

Love the Champagne Lifestyle – for under £10!

The wines tasted this episode and where you can buy –

Bouvet,  Saumur, Loire, France, available from Majestic at £8.49, reduced from £11.99

Giol Raboso, Veneto, Italy, Organic Sparkling, available from organic specialists Vintage Roots at £8.50

Codorniu Vintage Cava, Spain, available from Tescos at £6.99 (33% off)

Allini Prosecco, DOCG, Italy, available from Lidl at £6.99


Love the Champagne lifestyle? Want great fizz but don’t want to spend needlessly?

Hi my name’s Rebecca Dunphy with some fantastic tasting sparkling wines — all for under £10

When you are looking for value, the Loire is a great source of decent fizz. They are made just like Champagne ie with a second fermentation in the bottle, but from the Chenin Blanc grape. You might even prefer them as they are fruitier and more gluggable.

I’d highly recommend Bouvet’s Sparkling Saumur from Majestic. You’ll impress the wine snobs as Bouvet is one of the Loire’s top producers, but more importantly it tastes fantastic — like fresh apples drizzled with honey. I won’t blame you if you have to open a second bottle of this!

Next I have a great wine to surprise your guests with. It is a sparkling red made from the cute and quirky Raboso grape. It’s beautifully packaged and made organically by Giol in Northern Italy — all for under a tenner. Available from organic specialists Vintage Roots.

It’s lively, carefree and bursting with personality. Truly unique with its raspberry and cherry fruit. Perfect for a pizza party.

You can’t look at value fizz without including Cava. I know there are people out there who love to hate Cava, because it’s cheap and plentiful, but taste this blind and half of you will think it’s Champagne. Cordoniu has pedigree too. It was the first company to make Cava in 1872. It’s been aged for 9 months so it’s still floral and fresh — hard to beat when it’s on special.

Finally, for those of you who love the freshness of a Prosecco, I have one of the best for the price from Lidl. For superior quality, look out for the DOCG. It’s fragrant, peachy, creamy — all for the price of a London Underground ticket.

Go on, spoil yourself for less than a tenner.

Rebecca’s Recommendations

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