Published on July 13th, 2016

English Sparkling Wine with Stilton

The wine tasted this episode and where you can buy – Carr Taylor Vintage Sparkling Wine, available direct from Carr Taylor Vineyards at £29.99

Move over Port, English wine tastes best with Stilton!

Hi my name’s Rebecca Dunphy with an English alternative to Port. Often I find Port too rich, alcoholic and sweet. And anyway why should we be drinking a Portuguese wine with our greatest British cheese, particularly when we have some excellent wines of our own? In a fit of patriotism I set myself the task of finding an English alternative and I have found the perfect match for Stilton – Carr-Taylors Vintage Fizz. Yes, it bears the name of the famous Port House ‘Taylor’s’, but this has nothing to do with Port. It’s a delicious Sparkling Wine from the village of Westfield in East Sussex.

It’s made just like Champagne with the second fermentation in the bottle, but with fruitier more aromatic varieties that cope well with our cool and often wet climate. It has 3 years maturation on the yeasty lees (that’ double the legal minimum in Champagne. The result is a ripe, fruity, rich, creamy, vanilla and peach like fizz.

So let’s try tasting them together. Wow there’s an explosion of the flavour. The salty blue tang would overpower most wines, but the rich fruity sweetness gives a delicious contrast and then the two fuse harmoniously. This isn’t a handshake, more of a hug! Then the fizz works its magic and cleanses the palate almost like spring cleaning the taste buds. A dry red would taste bitter and fruitless, but this pairing brings out a creamy sweet nuttiness in each. What a refreshing match for summer, ideal for when you want something lighter.
Cheers to tasting wine with cheese!

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    English Sparkling Wine with Stilton

    July 13th, 2016

    The wine tasted this episode and where you can buy - Carr Taylor Vintage Sparkling Wine, available d[...]