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WINE TASTING LONDON and UK. Fun wine event ideas…great to break the ice at your next corporate event or wine tasting party in your office. Go on take a sniff!

The Sniff and Spit Wine Tasting Philosophy

With years of experience, a blue-chip client list, a champagne tasting event hosted for the winning team on the BBC’s ‘The Apprentice’ and with so many different ways to enjoy the unique Sniff and Spit Wine Tasting experience, it is no wonder that Rebecca Dunphy and her team are so busy!

On this page you’ll find some of the many different ways Sniff and Spit present a wine tasting event. Their experience is so great that you can also have the event you want, for your team or organisation, with your input defining the agenda and the event!

Although the majority of the wine tasting events are held in London, Sniff and Spit do run events all over the UK and overseas. Whether for team building, employee motivation, leadership development or a management event, a wine tasting event is unbeatable!

+ The sniff and spit challenge

Suitable for:

Mixed groups of any size. It’s upbeat, requires creativity and team skills.


Needs to be held seated in teams. Round 1 can be held seated or standing.

Pick up wine tasting tips from your wine tutors so that everyone can join in with confidence. This event is so much more than wine appreciation, it’s interactive entertainment.

Enjoy the Champagne vs Fizz Challenge, learn the ‘systematic’ approach to tasting wine – or rather how to ‘Sniff and Spit’ before the serious competition begins.

We’ll help you fine tune your senses and your sniffability will be challenged. Through exciting taste comparisons you will learn to sniff out the difference between French oak and American oak, a young or a mature wine, cool climate vs warm, one grape from another and so much more.

You’ll taste the whole gamut of wine styles from sparkling to dessert wines, all bottled by ‘Sniff and Spit’ with their very own brand of quality fun.

+ Call my bluff

Suitable for:

Great for larger mixed groups from 30 upwards. A great social catalyst.


This is an adaptable format that can be held standing or seated in teams, or even a combination of both. Hold it standing and combine it with canapés. This is a blind wine tasting with an entertaining difference.

Learn to Sniff and Spit like a professional and then put your tasting skills to the test.

Taste fine wines from around the world and in your teams work out who is telling the truth and who is bluffing. There will also be the opportunity for team members to exercise their bluffing skills!

Two wine experts are required for this event that will take your taste buds trotting around the globe.

+ Sniff the difference

Suitable for:

Mixed groups of any size. It’s fun and informative


A flexible format that can either be held seated in teams or as a standing event.

The best way to learn is through comparing and contrasting and this is precisely what we get you to do.

Wines are tasted in pairs or in flights or three, and can illustrate a variety of themes, ie Bluffers Guide to Quality, New World vs Old, Cool Climate vs Warm, Botrytised dessert wine vs Fortified dessert wine, Left Bank Bordeaux vs Right Bank Bordeaux, Non Vintage Champagne vs Vintage Champagne etc.

Select the topics which interest you most and we will design an evening of fine wine and fun for you.

+ Where in the world.

Suitable for:

Mixed groups of any size. Fun and informative.


A flexible format that can either be held seated in teams or as a standing event.

We choose the grape and present two or three examples of each.

Find out how provenance effects what is in the glass. Armed with tips and guidance from your tutor, teams are soon able to sniff out country, vintage and price band for each wine. This can be based around any country or region.

Alternatively, for a formal occasion why not hold a tutored tasting and explore your favourite region or grape in depth. Whatever theme you choose – French wine, Italian wine, Spanish, Australian, New Zealand, South African…we have the expertise and exciting wines from around the world.

+ Learn to sniff and spit

Suitable for:

Mixed groups of any size.


Needs to be held seated in teams.

For practical tips to help you get the most from wine and learn more about wine, this is the event for you.

Using actual wine lists, real-life scenarios and by tasting a selection of wines from around the world you will never need to bluff again.

This can either be held as a one off or as a series of events.

+ I get a kick from champagne

Suitable for:

Great for a client event or as a launch party.


Hold seated in teams or standing ‘cocktail party’ style.

Decadent perhaps, but there are always occasions when a Champagne tasting is the only option.

Here are just a few ideas:

  • Compare and contrast top names in Champagne
  • Indulge in Vintage Champagnes back to the 1970s
  • The Magnificent Magnum Tasting
  • Champagne vs Fizz
  • Champagne with Canapés
  • Champagne with Cheese
+ Bespoke

We pride ourselves on our friendly expert service. Many of our wine tasting events are bespoke, the more information you can provide the more we can tailor the event to your needs. We enjoy working with our clients, creating new events and having fun with wine, whisky and cheese. For all enquiries please call 020 3675 5097 or email

Here’s a fun team building event we filmed after a day of touring vineyards in the southeast of England.

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