Published on January 24th, 2013

Wine on a Diet – Can it be done?

The wines tasted this episode and where you can buy –

Beetle Riesling Trocken Qualitatswein/Organic available from organic specialists Vintage Roots £10.95

Domaine du Colombier, Chinon, Loire, France, available from Sainsbury’s, £6.79

Organic Cava, Okhre Brut Nature, available from M&S, £10.99


Hi, my name’s Rebecca Dunphy with some top tips on what to avoid and which wines are best – when you’re counting calories.


The calories in wine come from sugar and alchohol, so I’d recommend you go for wines with lower sugar and lower alcohol.


Let’s start with Sugar. Sugar is harder to work out as it is not stated on the label, but there are obvious candidates to avoid. Port is a no, no as it’s both high in alcohol and sugar.


The simplest thing is to look out for is the alcohol level and avoid those sunny wines with heady alcohol levels of 14 or 15%.


Instead, head for cooler climates like England, Germany, or Northern France and Italy, with alcohol levels of 12% and under. Their wines will be lighter, fresher and more fragrant.


A dry German Riesling is a great choice. Organic Specialists Vintage Roots have this refreshing Mosel Riesling called Beetle, made by Weingut zur Romerketlter. It’s so vital with scents of wild honey and lemon zest. Each bottle, comes with its own pot of honey and seeds too. Who cares if you’re on a diet if you can drink wines like this?


The Loire in France is a mecca for light, fragrant reds. Wonderful with Salmon or trout. I’d recommend Sainsbury’s Domaine du Colombier Chinon made with Cabernet Franc. A glass of this will satisfy your thirst for a tasty red.


The best fizz for the dieter is a Brut Nature. Unlike a Brut Sparkling which can have as much as 12g  per litre of sugar, a Brut Nature has no sugar added and has a maximum of 3g/l of sugar.

This one, Okhre is made exclusively for M&S and has 2g/l of residual sugar and just 11% alcohol. Spain has plenty of sun so the acidity is gentle and there is no need to add sugar. It is fantastic with fish or just enjoy as a treat on its own.


Of course, drinking to excess is no good for your liver or your waistline, but let’s not demonize wine – take a look at this breakfast cereal. It has a whopping 421 calories –  the equivalent of 5 glasses (125ml = 80 calories) of this delicious fizz.


I’ll drink to that!


Just try not to drink – or eat too much when counting calories.


Cheers! Enjoy wine even on a diet.

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