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Wine and Cheese Tasting, London & UK

Wine and Cheese Tastings in London and the UK

Learn and have fun too – with wine and cheese.

Our wine and cheese events are now some of the most popular events that we run. Generally, there’s no need for extra catering, particularly when you combine cheese with charcuterie.  You can even theme it as you please –  fly the flag for Britain with English wine and British cheeses, or globe trot through the world’s best wine and cheese.

+ Cheese & wine tasting – it takes two to tango!

Suitable for:

This event is excellent as a client or team event.


This event can be run seated in teams or as a networking standing event. Explore the classic – and not so classic – cheese and wine  pairing combinations, as we explain away the myths behind the perfect match.

Join the dance as you quickstep through the fascinatingly diverse world of cheese and wine. From hard cheeses to soft and gooey, from cow’s milk to goat’s milk cheeses, we will surprise and delight the taste buds.

For an equally explosive taste sensation we can also introduce hand cured charcuterie into the equation.

+ The sniff and spit gastronomic cheese and wine challenge

Suitable for:

A fantastic team event, or for client entertaining.


For smaller groups it is best run seated in teams, but for larger groups we can create a superb standing event.

In a series of competitive rounds our gastronomic challenge will take you on a journey through the world of cheese and wine pairing. We’ll greet you with Champagne, matched with golden nuggets of specially aged Parmesan and Chaource (a local creamy cheese from Champagne).

Through exciting taste comparisons our challenge will help you sniff out quality from commerciality. We’ll unravel complicated labeling systems, help you pick a cow’s cheese from a goat’s or a sheep’s, a Pinot Noir from a Pinotage and so much more. Finally ‘beat the blues’ with a round that focuses on blue cheeses and the wines that best compliment this most flavoursome family of cheeses.

An entertaining event, bottled by ‘Sniff and Spit’ with their very own brand of quality fun.

+ English wine with cheese

Suitable for:

This event is excellent as a client or team event.


This event can be run seated in teams or as a networking standing event. Celebrate England’s cheese and wine quality revolution.

This event explores tastes you wouldn’t even have thought of by bringing together England’s best artisan cheeses and local award winning wines. For an equally explosive taste sensation you can also include hand cured cold meats, salamis and hot smoked chicken, all produced in the UK. There’s a lot to celebrate!

+ Bespoke

If you have a specific event that you would like us to hold for you involving wine and cheese please let us know. Call Rebecca on 020 3675 5097 or 07817 252655 and discuss you wine and cheese tasting ideas.

We support the London Cheese and Wine Festival at London’s South Bank. Check it out for the best in Cheese and Wine.
We also offer just wine tasting sans cheese if you prefer.

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