Published on November 4th, 2015

Best white wines for Christmas Turkey


Which White  Wines go best with Christmas Turkey?


Wines tasted this episode and where you can buy them:

St Veran Les Monts, Burgundy, 2008 from Marks and Spencers, £11

A delicious alternative to Novas Viognier –
Adobe Viognier, Chile from Organic Specialist Vintage Roots, £7.85

Zuccardi, Blanc de Blancs, Argentina from Old School Wines, £18.49


Some people like the white meat, others the darker meat, so it’s nice to have some choice. First, I have some whites to share with you.

I’d avoid lighter whites like Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc, and opt for something fuller and richer. Classically a Chardonnay would be paired with Christmas dinner and I’ve found a lovely one from Burgundy – St Veran – such a reliable appellatiom – you might think you’re drinking a Meursault – golden, rich, oatmeally and nutty, great with roast turkey or chicken, but it costs just £10 from M&S.

Viognier also makes a richer style, famously Condrieu from the Northern Rhone, but it will set you back more than £30. So amaze your guests with Novas Viognier from the cool climate coastal region of Casablanca – exotic, perfumed, peachy honey suckly like but startlingly fresh – it comes from organic specialists Vintage Roots and it knocks spots off any of the supermarket Viogniers and costs just £9.

A good Vintage Champagne is also wonderful for Christmas dinner but I have discovered an even better alternative an Argentinian fizz – Zuccardi’s sparkling Blanc de Blancs (meaning that it’s 100% Chardonnay) with 58 months ageing, its golden and nutty like a glorious Meursault from Burgundy, but then there is this creamy fizz. Well worth seeking out from Old School Wines at £18.49.

Enjoy your wine on Christmas Day!



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2 Responses to Best white wines for Christmas Turkey

  1. Caroline Robertson says:

    I’m glad you recommended St Veran – I love it. Morrisson’s used to do a good one (perhaps they’ve stopped doing it). Another one – if you can obtain it – is white Cotes du Rhone (especially E Guigal – great maker).


    • admin says:

      Hi Caroline – Guigal’s white Cotes du Rhone is a personal fave. Has that perfect balance between opulence and freshness that is perfect for turkey!


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