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Go on take a sniff and see what we have on offer.

All our wine tasting and whisky events bring people together, but for an extra special team event, packed with team building activities from just a few hours to a fun day out, we have the solution.
+ Chateau sniff and spit

This creative wine tasting event will not only help you fine tune your sense of smell, sight and taste but will also test your ability to work as a team and tackle a number of fun team building games. Non drinkers can also participate in most of the wine challenges

Example programme

  • 12.30pm Welcome with a glass of champagne – or is it?
  • 1.00pm Fun and informative talk on wine – We don’t believe in a boring tutorial, we let you learn through experience – tasting and drinking wine!
  • 1.15pm ‘The Sniff and Spit Aroma Platter’ – First we start with the ‘Sniff’ part. Lot’s of things to consider when thinking about wine, it’s not just the grape but the ‘terroir’ or influence of the surroundings where it is produced.


  • 1.45pm ‘Call My Bluff’ – Just like the classic game but we supply you with a wine and you must try and fool the other teams to win points.
  • 2.45pm Château Sniff and Spit – Blending & Branding – Ever fancied owning your own vineyard and producing your own wine? Here we will give you a chance to do just that.
  • 3.45pm Mystery Wine – A quick game to see how you work as an individual outside the team and to see what you’ve learnt
  • 4.00pm Finish
+ The sniff and spit gastronomic cheeese and wine challenge

In a series of competitive rounds our gastronomic challenge will take you on a journey through the world of cheese and wine.

Through exciting taste comparisons our challenge will help you sniff out quality from commerciality. We’ll unravel complicated labelling systems, help you pick a cow’s cheese from a goat’s or a sheep’s, a Pinot Noir from a Pinotage and so much more.

Finally ‘beat the blues’ with a round that focuses on blue cheeses and the wines that best compliment this most flavoursome family of cheeses. An entertaining event, bottled by ‘Sniff and Spit’ with their very own brand of quality fun.

For a full day event and for those who want to visit East Sussex we can arrange a visit to a local cheesemaker and even get you making your own bread!

+ scotch vs irish vs bourbon

Satisfy all your Whisky thirsts with a tasting of Whiskies from Scotland, Ireland and America.

We’ll help you sniff out the difference at this highly informative and entertaining tasting. You’ll have the opportunity to sample a range that exemplifies the diversity and quality of Gaelic and American Whiskies, and will include specially aged Single Malts as well as deluxe blends to showcase the dark art of the Master Distiller.

+ The sniff and spit challenge

Pick up nuggets of information from your wine tutors so that everyone can join in with confidence. Enjoy the Champagne vs Fizz Challenge, learn the ‘systematic’ approach to tasting wine – or rather how to ‘Sniff and Spit’ before the serious competition begins.

Our upbeat, interactive challenge gets teams sniffing out top Champagne from impostors. We’ll help teams fine tune their identification skills and their sniffability will be challenged.

Through exciting taste comparisons they will learn to sniff out the difference between French oak and American oak, a young or a mature wine, cool climate vs warm, one grape from another and so much more.
You’ll taste the whole gamut of wine styles from sparkling to dessert wines, all bottled by ‘Sniff and Spit’ with their very own brand of quality fun.

+ Bespoke

If you have a specific team event idea, please let us know. We can make it happen! Call Rebecca on 07817252655 or email

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