Published on May 14th, 2015

Tasting Prosecco with Food

Prosecco – It goes with sweet and savoury. 


Wine tasted this episode and where you can buy it:

La Marca, NV, Prosecco, DOCG from Majestic, £10.49 to £15.99 


What I love about Prosecco is it’s so aromatic, light and fresh.  It’s not bottle fermented so it doesn’t have the complexity or structure of Champagne but it still lifts the spirits and it slips down so easily on its own.

Many people don’t realize is how good Prosecco is with food.  Prosecco is wonderful with savoury foods – here I’m making some Calamari, so much better than crisps or fries when friends come round. Just roll in flour and fry for a few minutes.

I’d highly recommend a new wine from Majestic –  La Marca 2010 – a bit pricy at £15 (when discounted) it’s so much more elegant, fresher, peachier – it knocks the cheaper wines for six.

Prosecco Brut is so versatile – great with delicate fish, grilled or fried, risotto – don’t forget to add a dash when cooking – and the soft fizz tempers the spices in Thai curries and or sushi with hot wasabi.

It’s even good with strawberries and dark chocolate.

Prosecco is so fresh that it cleanses the palate but also the mineral, lemon juiciness of the wine brings out the flavour of the calamari. Both are delicate yet full of flavour – this really is a wonderful combination.  Chin! Chin!


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