Published on February 23rd, 2012

Scallops Ahoy!

Some Top Wine Tips for Succulent Rye Bay Scallops.


Wines tasted in this episode:

Dr L Riesling, Dr Loosen, Mosel, Germany, 2010 @ £5.78 to £7.50, available from Asda, Morrisons, Majestic,  Tescos

Estate Riesling, Dr Loosen, Mosel, Germany, 2010 @ £8.50, available from Independent Wine Merchant Cooden Cellars Online 


When I cook scallops at home, I don’t even season them, you already have the salty tang from the sea. They are perfect fried with a knob of butter and a dash of olive oil.

For me the perfect match for the juicy, sweet, delicately flavoured scallop is an equally delicate wine with a hint of sweetness to echo the sweetness in the scallop. A Riesling or Vouvray are a great match.

I’ve chosen Dr L Riesling from the Mosel in Germany, as it is so clean and pure. You might find it too light and watery, but with simply cooked scallops its mineral lemony characters come to the fore and the delicacies of each are complemented. A fab match and shows you how wine and food really need each other and improve each other.

For a smarter occasion or fancy recipe I would recommend a wine with more depth of flavour – Dr Loosen’s Estate Riesling from his own vineyards, you won’t find this in the big multiples, but it is a great example of how if you do have the time to explore outside of the supermarkets you can get a lot more for your money. It is just £1 more than the non estate wine and wow what a step up in flavour and intensity. Still just 7.5% Vol, but lower alcohol doesn’t mean less flavour. This is the best value wine I have tasted in ages. It has a wonderful fruity sweetness of apples, honey and fresh zesty, grassy notes. It’s flavoursome enough for scallops with pesto and fresh tomatoes.

Enjoy your wine with scallops.


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