Published on November 16th, 2015

Best reds for Christmas Turkey?

Best red wines to go with Christmas Turkey

The wines tasted this episode and where to buy them:

Turning Leaf Pinot Noir, California, USA, £8.19 from Waitrose and Morrisons

A delicious alternative to Barra Estates Pinot Noir –
Meinklang Pinot Noir, Burgenland, Austria £12.50 from Vintage Roots

Morgon Cru Beaujolais, Chasselay, France, £15.75 from organic specialists Vintage Roots 
For those of you who prefer brown meat or red wine, I have some top tips on which are the best reds to with Christmas dinner.

Don’t go too tannic or rich, remember you’ve got those large white breasts to contend with. Styish Pinot Noir from Burgundy is the convention but I have some smartly priced alternatives. I have two wines from America as they know a thing or two about Turkey. For a budget wine I’d recommend Turning Leaf Pinot Noir -in our turkey taste test came up trumps, plus it’s only 12% so you shouldn’t nod off in the Christmas pud. It’s plummy and smokey and great value.

Next, I have another juicy Pinot Noir from Mendocino, California from Barra Estate Vineyards – enjoy the slightly jammy, yet tangy fruit – think strawberry jam and cranberry sauce  – for under £12 this is in a word delicious, even with brussel sprouts.

Finally, I’d recommend a poor man’s burgundy – Cru Beaujolais Morgon by Chasselay – also organic and from Vintage roots,  unlike Beaujolais Nouveau it needs a bit of time in bottle, fleshy and generous with cherry fruit and a hint of granite, herbs and spice – perfect weight for Turkey.

So this Christmas put a bit of thought into which wine to pair with Christmas dinner. So even if your turkey turns out a tad dry, make up for it with a fabulous glass of wine.

Enjoy your wine this Christmas!


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2 Responses to Best reds for Christmas Turkey?

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  2. Caroline Robertson says:

    Large white breasts!!! Brilliiant. And thanks for letting us all know that Morrisson’s do Turning Leaf. I had no idea. You introduced me to that some time ago, I think. I haven’t got any Morgon, but I’ve got a nice Brouilly – I think that might suffice. Actually, I’ve gone all Italian this year – and there is beef to accompany the turkey so I hope that migth straddle both nicely.

    Thank you for all your entertaining wine tips throughout the year. Hope your Christmas goes with a fizz and a pop!


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