Published on August 22nd, 2012


Red Wine with Steak


[sws_grey_box box_size=”650″] The wine tasted this episode and where you can buy –

Pinotage, Cloof, Darling South Africa 2005/8. Available from South African Wines Online @ £11.50[/sws_grey_box]


Hi my name’s Rebecca Dunphy with a beautiful piece of rump steak.

Being rump steak it has lots of flavour and muscle but not much fat. So whilst it’s good for those on a diet it can be dry and tough. I like my meat tender so the key is to marinade and then rest the meat after cooking. This piece I’ve marinaded in olive oil, rosemary, oregano, sage, parsley and lots of black pepper for an hour.

You can cook it on the BBQ or fry it. Fry until the meat juices rise then turn and cook for half the time, then leave to relax for 5 minutes.

So which wine to drink with steak? Unlike fillet or ribeye, the rump is lean and fatless, so steer clear of tannic reds, as tannins need fat to soften their rough edges. You still need plenty of flavour, but opt for a wine that has structure from acidity or better still a red where over time the tannins have softened.

I’ve gone for the mature option – a mature, old vine Pinotage from Cloof, Darling, nth of Cape Town from 2005. Pinotage is a grape developed to cope with the hot arid South African climate and the best old vine, dry farm varieties can be spectacular. The old vines give you more concentration. It is savoury, smokey, with a spicy peppery twist, delicious! Plus the flavours of the wine mirror those of the meat and the marinade. Bonus!
Pinotage is truly one of the most steak friendly wines on the planet. The perfect BBQ wine too.

Enjoy rump steak with a savoury, smokey Pinotage.

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