Published on October 28th, 2011


Paris Hilton loved Prosecco so much she made her own in a can!

Wine tasted this episode and where you can buy it –

Sainsbury’s Prosecco Conegliano, ‘Taste the Difference’ – £10.69


The audacity of Paris Hilton stirred the Italians into action and they’ve now brought in new legislation. So, just like Champagne, Prosecco is protected and  can only be made in Italy, the North East to be exact.

There’s a sea of choice, so how to pick the best? My advice is look out for the newly legislated superior level above DOC, the DOCG. A guaranteed level of quality from the best designated regions of Prosecco.

Simple advice, but hard to find in the supermarkets, I only managed to track down one at Sainsburys, their Taste the Difference Prosecco. Notice the salmon pink Italian state seal and the region it comes from. Here it’s Connegliano, the other is Valdobbiadene. These hilly vineyards between Valdobbiadene and Conegliano are cooler and lock in the fresh, floral characters of the indigenous ‘Glera’ grape. ‘Glera’is the ancient grape name resurrected to protect ‘Prosecco’. Before Prosecco was both the name of the grape and the wine, so impossible to protect.

I think you will find Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Prosecco DOCG much fresher, more floral creamy and peachy than the standard DOC wines. Watch out as many of these DOC wines cost the same!

Try not to think of Prosecco as a second rate Champagne. It is a completely different style of fizz. By law it’s not bottle fermented, so instead of complexity and bready aromas you should be looking for light, fresh, aromatic fizz.

People can be a bit sniffy about Prosecco as it isn’t bottle fermented, but taste a good one and you might change your mind. Chin! Chin!



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