Published on October 1st, 2015

Great legs & a big nose – How to Taste Wine

Great Legs and a big nose!

Wine tasting is like kissing a frog you need to kiss a lot before you find your prince. So I suggest you try a couple, and here I’ve got two on the go, both Chardonnays – a Chablis 1er Cru, Domaine Hamelin, 2008 and the other an aged American Chardonnay, Cold Creek from Chateau Ste Michelle, 2005 .

What I love about wine is it never stays the same and there is just so much variety. These two wines, are both Chardonnay, but they are totally different.

Look at the beautiful depth of colour in the American wine – almost like liquid gold –  it’s richer and riper looking – typical warm climate Chardonnay, but it is oak maturation and further ageing in bottle that gives it this golden glow. Ageing slowly oxidises wine and just as when you take a bite out of an apple it turns brown, so will wine – nothing stays fresh forever, unless of course you are a Chablis. Look how reflective and light in colour the Chablis is. The cooler northerly climate of Chablis means that the acidity is so much higher and it will keep the wine fresher for longer, plus there was no oak ageing, it was made in stainless steel and kept well away from oxygen. It’s lost the green tinge that you would have seen initially when the wine was first bottled but even with a few years in bottle it is still light and vibrant.

Look out for legs or arches too. This is when the wine clings to the glass and forms an arch shape. They don’t indicate quality, rather high levels of alcohol so they won’t be noticeable in any wine under 12%. The more legs you see the more legless you will be –  you’ve been warned!

Cheers! Enjoy your wine.


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