Published on May 2nd, 2012

Fizz on a diet!


I like a glass of fizz with my food, but when I am cutting back the calories do I have to make a choice between the two?

I don’t think so not if I go for ‘Brut Nature’.

Hi I’m Rebecca Dunphy, with a Brut Nature Cava from the Coop made by Jaume Serra for around £10.

What make this wine great for the calorie counter is that there is no added sugar whereas ‘Brut’ Champagne or Cava has dosage or added sugar, which can mean as much as 15 grams per litre. Sadly, this is only one of two I could find in the major supermarkets. The other I found was Okhre Natur Brut Cava from M&S selling for £10 a bottle.

It’s got a lovely fizz and fresh dough nose, but it seems more elegant, pure and lively because it doesn’t have any extra sugar masking the quality of fruit.

It is just as nature intended it and perfect for those of us who still like a glass of fizz on a diet. Try it with delicate fish, plaice is perfect!

Cheers! Enjoy your wine even on a diet!

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One Response to Fizz on a diet!

  1. Caroline Robertson says:

    Thank you for the recommendations, Rebecca! It’s nice to know that we don’t have to sacrifice a decent accompaniment to wash down our food.

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