Published on October 20th, 2016

Champagne and Parmesan Cheese


Time to indulge –  Champagne Taittinger partnered with Parmesan Cheese


The wine tasted this episode and where you can buy – Champagne Taittinger, available from Majestic £28 – £37

When I want to indulge with the minimum of fuss and effort, I go for Champagne and Parmesan.  For this no fuss canape alternative choose a mature Parmesan, 24 months really works best. It’s rich, savoury, with nutty/dried fruit qualities, plus the lovely crunchy crystals – a sure sign of a mature cheese. Family owned, Taittinger, the 3rd oldest Champagne house hits the spot. It’s great as an aperitif as it’s light and elegant, there’s no oak and a high proportion of Chardonnay, but really you could go for any of your favourites. Don’t be fooled by it’s lightnes, Champagne unlike Prosecco is matured on the yeast lees, by law a min of 15 months, but with a superior Champagne like Taittinger this takes 3 years – ummm smell the digestive biscuit, floral honey, intermingled with a fruity freshness. Enjoying the two together brings out the maturity in both, with the toasty, honeyed notes of the Champagne mingling and picking up on the dried fruits and the nuttiness of the cheese. The wine has a creamy depth that blends with the butteriness of the cheese, then the crisp bubbles refresh the palate for more cheese. This is addictively moreish! Cheers to Champagne and Parmesan. Enjoy your wine with cheese!

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