Published on September 20th, 2012

Biodynamic English Wine with Dover Sole

The wine tasted this episode and where you can buy – Sedlescombe Vineyards First Release, Sedlescombe, East Sussex, 2011. Available direct from the Vineyard, £14.95


The Perfect English Wine with Dover Sole


Believe it or not, the best and most sustainably sourced Dover Sole comes from Hastings.

Hi I’m Rebecca Dunphy with the Stradavarious of the fish world Dover Sole. It’s pretty ugly, flat like the sole of your shoe, with a brown rough cat’s tongue like skin. Ask your fishmonger to rmve this then cook simply — cover in butter, sprinkle over a little lemon zest and grill or as in this video try it barbecued in foil with olive oil and fresh herbs.

It’s similar to plaice but whiter, firmer, meatier, cleaner, buttery, very subtle — truly sublime.

A glass of good wine can make it even more special. Avoid anything too acidic or aromatic like a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, which is a winner with oily fish like Mackerel or Sardines, but will dominate a subtle Dover Sole. Oaked wines or reds are also a no, no. Choose fresh elegant whites, classically Chablis or a Pinot Grigio would also be great, but to keep in with the sustainable and local theme I have chosen England’s first Biodynamic wine — First Release 2010 from Sedlescombe Vineyards just 10 minutes from Hastings. It’s a magic blend of Bacchus, Rivaner and Solaris, all grapes that thrive in our cooler, wetter climate. Hat’s off to Sedlescombe Vineyards for making such a pure white wine that uses no artificial pesticides or fertillisers, no gm ingredients and techniques to promote wild life conservation and soil fertility. As the UK’s first Biodynamic wine all vineyard and winery practices are now in tune with the lunar calendar.

The alcohol is a refreshingly low 11.5%, and it is so pure and fresh the perfect counterpoise for Dover Sole’s clean white flesh. The fruit is like the crispest of apples, a hint of pears, citrus and lemongrass. There is a light silkiness which picks up on the melted butter and dense white flesh. Neither dominates and the flavours meld together.
Sedlesombe Vineyards First Release – the perfect local soul mate for our Dover Sole.

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