Published on February 17th, 2016

Australian Shiraz!

Beat the chill with a glass of rich Aussie Shiraz.

Wines tasted this episode:

Hardy’s Shiraz, South Eastern Australia

Chapel Hill Parson’s Nose Shiraz, Mc Claren Vale, Australia, 2013, available from Wine Direct @ £12.50 to £13.50


Hi my name is Rebecca Dunphy with some hot tips on Aussie Shiraz – the archetypal rich red wine.

Most are labelled South Eastern Australia. Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s the south eastern part of South Australia, this designation includes NSW, Victoria, South Australia, Queensland and Tasmania – basically all wine producing areas except for Western Australia. This might seem mad but Australia has a tradition of blending from different regions, even their most expensive wine, Grange, a Shiraz is labeled South Australia and is not a single vineyard wine, and is generally a multiregional blend.

This is a Hardy’s Shiraz, from ‘South Eastern Australia’, which you can find in most supermarkets. These wines are made to a style and a budget and are often the wines reduced to £5. They can offer easy drinking but why not explore wines with some regional character.

I’d recommend the McClaren Vale, south of Adelaide as a good place to start. It is a spectacularly beautiful region, close to the coast, and it is the cooling sea breezes which help retain the vital acidity to balance the rich fruit. There are tons of great small producers, D’Arenberg, Wirra Wirra and here I have Chapel Hill a wine that floods the senses with its the sweet blackberry, brambly fruit  and the choca mocha sweet spice characters.

I wouldn’t drink this on its own it is so rich and tannic, but matched with flavoursome lamb, sweet, juicy, fatty with a mildly gamey flavour, you will see the flavours meld together and the tannins soften. This is New Season lamb with fresh parsley and rosemary, simply fried, great with roasted rosemary potatoes and a glass of Aussie Shiraz.

Enjoy your wine with food.

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